the first open source album on cardano


Firebird is a four song album composed by the musician Cullah built on the decentralized Cardano blockchain.

Firebird the first open-source album on Cardano. 

We believe the future of music is open-source, collaborative, and decentralized. 

We believe in a future where musicians can create together freely and openly while protecting their rights of ownership and ways to monetize their work.


For each song on Firebird, a certain number of stems will minted as NFTs.

Each of these NFTs will contain the .wav file as well as a license to reuse, remix or create a derivative work.



For each song on Firebird, the stems can be dropped into an application to be mixed together and minted as combinations.

Alongside the combinations, you can include your own recordings or effects into the mint.

Those who make derivative works (eg: remix, cover) of the songs can submit their work to be part of the official policy.



The tokens will be the genesis tokens of the Firebird Music Protocol; a decentralized music protocol on Cardano to automate negotiations and rights-of-usage between visual artist and musicians.

A protocol to define new incentives for artists working together in open and collaborative ways.

The first showcase of the protocol and the tokens will be a dApp called Stem Mixer. Check out our roadmap and see the plan

dApp demonstration coming soon…




The Feather

  • Genre: Electronica / Dance / Soul
  • # of Stems: 5
  • # of Combinations: 31

The Feathers are magic and remain undimmed, but show rainbow colors only to those who love beauty and seek to make beauty for others.

If you find or catch a feather, you’ll see that glows in the night. Take it to a dark room and see it illuminate the room completely.

The Golden Apple

  • Genre: Americana / Folk / Psychadelic
  • # of Stems: 4
  • # of Combinations: 15

The Golden Apples are in the King’s orchard. They give youth and strength to all who eat them.

At night, a firebird is known to swoop down and eat all the King’s golden apples.


The Anima

  • Genre: Blues / Rock 
  • # of  Stems: 4
  • # of  Combinations: 15

In the beginning was darkness, chaos, and water. 

Then, The Anima came forth as breath, soul, spirit and vital force. As it came, humans awoke and became aware. They saw the universe become created before our very eyes.

The Anima is the inspirational muse of noblepersons and creative artists in general. 

The King

  • Genre: TBA
  • # of Stems: TBA
  • # of Combinations: TBA

The King is the fullness filled by The Anima. He is a magician, a warrior, and a lover.

He lives in a great palace with a garden of Golden Apples. The King has the strength and magic to capture a Firebird. But, if he is not careful, he may be destroyed by the power it brings him.











Phase 0
  • Set up Discord and Twitter
  • Announce project.
Phase 1

Mint the song’s stems for Wave 1:

  1. The Feather
  2. The Golden Apple
Phase 2
  • Launch Stem Mixer application
  • Mint combinations of stems via Stem Mixer.
Phase 3
  • Launch Advanced Stem Mixer application.
  • Mint combinations with effects and derivative work (remixes).
  • Remix submission & contest.
Phase 4

Mint the song’s stems for Wave 2:

  1. The Anima
  2. The King
Phase ∞: TBD

We are actively exploring future development that will be announced at a later date. These could include:

  • More Partnerships
  • Treasury Wallet
  • Blue Chip CNFT collaborations
  • Secret Drops and 1/1s
  • Remix competitions
  • Giveaways and raffles
  • DAO

Partnerships / Collabs

& more announced soon


In the music industry, stems are the isolated individual mixer tracks of a song.

In the image below you can see three stems: vocals, synth and bass.

This project is inspired by the legacy of the open source software movement.

Although music doesn’t necessarily have a “source code” like software does, they both have intellectual property rights. Most contemporary music also has stems of songs when recorded and/or mixed in a multitrack mixer.

This project is opening up not only the stems to the world to create in combinations, but it also is opening up the rights by issuing an open license (contained in the NFT) to the token-holders.

The specifics of the license will be announced before Phase 1.

Exact date TBA.

In Wave 1, there will be a number of copies of the 9 stems minted. The exact numbers and rarities will be announced at a later date.

When you possess the NFT of the stem, you will also be possessing:

  1. The wav and mp3 file of the stem
  2. A jpg painting
  3. A license to reuse, remix or create a derivative work

You will be able to combine your stems in our Stem Mixer application launching in Phase 2.

Firebird is the genesis NFT project of Cullah. Every NFT in the project will be considered as OG and be given priority access to all future Cullah endeavors IRL and in the metaverse.

Such as:

  • Airdrops of 1/1 and future stems, including Cullah’s discography of >150 songs.
  • Airdrops of music videos
  • Merchandise – vinyl, t-shirts, cd, stickers, etc
  • Guest list passes to shows
  • Access to any future DAO votes or token sales

Cullah is a multi-genre artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who has been releasing open-source music every year since he was 15. Recently, he released his fifteenth album is titled ½ to commemorate releasing music for half his life.

Cullah is inspired by his gypsy-raised musician grandfather who formed the largest family band in American history, The Wolff Family Band, made of of 17 children. The music Cullah makes is described as “multi-genre”. Each song is a different experience ranging from folk, electronic, rnb, rock, and funk. 

Cullah has landed over 10,000 sync placements in YouTube, TV, movies, video games, and most recently handpicked by Jason Statham for Expendables 4.

Find out more at his EPK

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